The Friends on the Pink Lake Trail

 Last Saturday, The Friends of Gatineau Park were on the shores of Pink Lake to repair a segment of the trail that had been severely
damaged by the torrential rain last June.

 This was an initiative of the “Adopt-a-Trail” program, a program in its third year of operation.  It typically requires its adopter to visit and walk their trail on a regular basis, looking for damage to the trail and doing small tasks such as picking up litters.  Currently, there are ten interpretive trails in the Park that have been adopted by individual members of the Friends.

In spite of the menacing rain, 17 volunteers met early in the Pink Lake parking lot for coffee and doughnuts.  Catherine Dumouchel, the President of the Friends, welcomed the group and wished them a pleasant day on the trail.  Various teams were formed and a park staff person explained the tasks to be performed.

The challenge consisted of transporting manually buckets of gravel to damaged sections of the trail.  Hundreds of buckets were filled
and carried by canoes and by hands to be dumped in strategic places where volunteer team members were busy spreading the material and constructing drainage ditches.

Fortunately, the skies remained clear for the rest of the day.
In the end, the group was pleased to have learned about trail
maintenance and was proud to have contributed physically to the protection of this popular educational resource in Gatineau Park.

What was notable and dearly appreciated was the active participation of three NCC employees who, on a voluntary basis, joined the volunteers of the Friends not only to plan the conservation event but also to work side by side with them on the site.  This first initiative is a fine example of cooperation between the Friends and the park staff and may become the model for other similar events.

Claude Cousineau, Friends of Gatineau Park

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