Help maintain a tradition

For the past seven years,  the Friends of Gatineau Park has offered research bursaries to young researchers interested in doing some research project in the Gatineau Park.  The funds for the bursaries come from the sell of raffle tickets.  The prizes of the raffle are donated by regional sponsors who  supports outdoor activities such as kayaking, camping and biking. Our sponsors this year are Paddle shack, Camp de base and Vélo des ronds points.  Tickets are still available either through the Friends of Gatineau Park or at the Visitor Center in Chelsea where you can see the prizes for this year. The draw will occur the day of the Forum, November 19.
Encourage young researchers and support the Friends of Gatineau Park by participating in the raffle.  If intested in purchasing 9 or more tickets, contact Graeme and he will make arrangements for you to do.  Good luck
to all.

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