New Volunteer Co-ordinator

Francois Leduc, has returned to the Gatineau Park management team from the  headquarters of the National Capital Commision.  In his new position, he can no longer act as our Volunteer Co-ordinator although he will continue to be in close contact with us.  We thank him for his two year contribution to the Friends, as a volunteer himself.

Mario Simard, who previously had been in that role from mid-2007 to late 2009, will replace him.

Volunteers are central to the achievement of our Mission.  François and Mario report enjoy matching interest of our dedicated volunteers with ongoing or one time opportunities.  Volunteers have reported that being involved has increased their enjoyment of and identification with the Park.  Others report that being involved broadened their knowledge of nature and/or heritage. They encourage others to join them.  You can do so by sending us an email at   A special thanks to François and Mario.

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