2012 Season Kick-off of the Adopt-a-Trail Program

Volunteers participating in the Adopt-a-Trail program of the Friends of Gatineau Park are excited to undertake the fifth season of this popular program. A total of fifteen trails will be adopted and patrolled twice a month by an equal number of volunteers who have agreed to participate in the program, this year.

The kick-off meeting for this season took place on May 2 and a dozen enthusiast trail adopters were present as well as an NCC representative. Paule Tremblay is the new coordinator for the 2012 season which runs from May 15 to October 15; as coordinator, she will be receiving and reviewing reports submitted by volunteers and she will transmit problems reported to the NCC.

For more details on the program, please consult the drop down menu entitled “Get involvedunder the Adopt-a-Trail item.

Moreover, the persons in charge of this program are organizing, in close cooperation with the NCC, other activities such as the rehabilitation of the King Mountain trail on Saturday, June 2, 2012.


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