Helping King Mountain Trail in Gatineau Park

A message to the Park’s users and their friends

On June 2, a group of volunteers will meet at the King Mountain trail’s head to assist in the repair and maintenance of the trail.  More specifically, we will be transporting and spreading crush stones on selected areas of the trail.

This fun/educational/work party, an initiative of the Friends of Gatineau Park, is hoping to gather a sufficient number of volunteers to repair erosion damages and to learn about trail conservation practices.  Two Park agents will supervise our activities.  Already, a number of men and women have confirmed their participation but we need many more to volunteer.

We will meet at 8h20, at the trail parking lot where coffee and donuts will be served and where directions will be provided.  After the morning activities, we will take lunch together and resume our effort until about 3 pm.  Hard hats, gloves and tools will be provided by the NCC.

If you have not registered yet, please do so soon as we need to plan that day.  E-mail Mario Simard at and give your name, phone number and e-mail address.

Claude Cousineau, coordinator of the annual work/fun party

Paule Tremblay / Julien Raby, “Adopt-a-Trail” Program


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