The Friends of Gatineau Park now have their own distinctive vests!

The Board of Directors of the Friends of the GatineauPark is happy to announce that they have acquired their own distinctive light green vests (see photos), following a few years of discussions and hesitations. The volunteers and interprets working for the Friends will be able to wear the thirty (30) vests that were recently acquired when participating or conducting official activities for the Friends or on behalf of the NCC. In addition, the volunteers participating in the Adopt-a-Trail program as well as those volunteering during the educative or interpretation outings will be the happy recipients of this significant investment for our organization.

The wearing of our green distinctive vests and unique to the Friends during activities by us will certainly contribute to strengthen and to improve our corporate identity and, without any doubt, it will be instrumental in the future to the increasing recognition of the Friends of Gatineau Park as an organization that cannot be ignored in assisting in the protection and the enjoyment of the natural attractions and beauties of the Gatineau Park.

The Board of Directors would like to sincerely thank Mr. Claude Cousineau who has conducted this project to a successful ending in 2011.

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