Wolves of Gatineau Park – October 25, 2013

The Friends of Gatineau Park are happy to invite you to attend a bilingual presentation on wolves in Gatineau Park on October 25, 2013.

loupHave you ever howled like a wolf in Gatineau Park, and been rewarded with a spine-tingling reply? Heard a mournful cry while camping on the edge of a lake? Wondering whether wolves are wandering the woods, or coyotes creeping by? Gatineau Park biologists are wondering, too. They put out remote sensing cameras to look at human trail use, and were delighted to see a group of six canids filling out the frame. Track surveys, trail cameras and baits were used last year to try to determine which areas of Gatineau Park are frequented by “Eastern canids”, be they wolf, coyote, or some mixture of both. This multi-year study aims to determine what species of canid we have in the Park, whether there are important habitats that require special protection in the park, and where these animals move when they leave the park.

Carolyn Callaghan, PhD, and Christie Spence, Senior Manager, Natural Resources and Land Management for Gatineau Park, will share the initial findings of their study and what is planned for the coming year.

Here are more details about this interesting bilingual presentation:

  • When: Friday, October 25, 2013, from 7 to 9 pm
  • Where: Gatineau Park Visitor Centre – 33 Scott Road, Chelsea Québec
  • Cost: Adults $12 (members $10); Seniors / Students $10 (members $8)
  • Information and Registration : (819)  827-2020.


2 responses to “Wolves of Gatineau Park – October 25, 2013

  1. lucinda sanschagrin

    We are aware of what appear to be tall coyotes ( or coywolves ?) on our farm
    next to the park. They are less present lately. Previously there was a den
    site… but no activity there this summer. The sandy ravines and water may be
    favorable for denning. On the few occasions we have seen the animals, they show curiosity and no fear. We would be happy to assist in your research, and would like to be kept informed.
    Lucinda and Guy Sanschagrin
    2250 Ch. Westbrook

    • Thank you for your observations. It was transferred to Christie Spence at the NCC, one of 2 presenters on October 25.

      Au plaisir. ……………. Julien

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