Trees of Gatineau Park – Friday, June 13

130517_Willow-PlaisanceThe Friends of the Gatineau Park are happy to be offering a brand new activity featuring the trees of the Gatineau Park. This event will take place on Friday, June 13, 2014. Gatineau Park’s diversity of landforms, its geographic location and human settlement patterns have served to make it host to a wide variety of tree species. But these different trees are not spread evenly over the landscape. Each of the over 45 species has adaptations that allow it to exploit certain conditions more successfully than others. In this program, Justin Peter – former Interpretive Naturalist at Gatineau Park and Algonquin Park – will focus on the relationship that our trees have with the land and with each other. 130527_Last-RaysAfter an indoor introduction and discussion, we will walk the Sugarbush Trail, identifying various trees along the way while looking at how their presence can tell us about local environmental conditions, both present and historic. Besides the abundant sugar maple and other common species, we expect to see some locally sporadic to uncommon trees, including butternut, rock elm, slippery elm and bitternut hickory. We will draw heavily on tree lore and on our own field.

Here are more details about this exciting new activity offered in English (a similar offering of this activity in French will take place on Saturday, June 14,  2014):


  • When: Friday, June 13,  from 6 to 9 pm approximately

  • Where: Gatineau Park Visitor Centre – 33 Scott Road, Chelsea Québec

  • Cost: Adults $15 (members $12); Seniors / Students $12 (members $10); children $5

  • Information and Registration: (819)  827-2020 or 1-800-465-1867.

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