Birchbark Canoe of W. Commanda Now Displayed at the Visitor Centre

Last Wednesday, the NCC Gatineau Park staff completed the installation of a birchbark canoe from Elder William Commanda donated to the Friends of the Gatineau Park by the Waddell family.



You are invited to go to the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre (VC) in Chelsea to admire this unique and exceptional artefact! Please consult 2 previous postings on this topic to have more details on Elder Commanda canoe (public unveiling and move to the VC of the canoe from Lac Ste-Marie). Some pictures of the displayed artefact in the Exhibit Area of the VC are available here.

The Friends are making the following documents available for consultation on site to the public should they wish to know more about William Commanda:

  • Pamphlet: Algonquin, Mi’kmaq, Mohawk and Ojibway Traditional Knowledge for the American Eel Pimisi-Kataq-Kiaweron:ko-Pemese (Courtesy of the Circle of All Nations);
  • Book:   Learning from a Kindergarten Dropout: William Commanda’s Cultural Sharings and Reflections by Romola Vasantha Thumbadoo (Courtesy of Evelyn Commanda Dewache);
  • Film: Good enough for two! L’art de faire un canot par William Commanda, a documentary movie by Valerie Pouyanne, Studios Loom.

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