Research Forum 2015

The Friends of Gatineau Park were holding the eleventh edition of their research forum on Saturday, November 21, 2015.  This yearly event is an excellent opportunity for natural science and heritage researchers to share the results of their research conducted in the park with the public and highlight the importance of research in managing and animating the Park. It also enables those who made donations to the Friends of Gatineau Park to see how some of their donations was used in supporting research.


The 11th edition of the research forum was quite diversified in terms of topics covered, ranging from settlers and families having lived in the park to fauna species such as snakes and bats without forgetting some further research results on Folly Bog. The five presenters invited were able to keep the undivided attention of the 25 or so attendants.


Many thanks to the presenters for quite an interesting day! Incidentally, some of them will provide an article related to their research for a future issue of the Friends’ Newsletter.


Special thanks to Gershon Rother for putting together this interesting program in cooperation with the staff of the NCC at Gatineau Park. Gershon is  chairing the Programming Committee of the Friends.


The pictures used for this post have been graciously provided by Michel Lemaire.


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